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Optical Path Converter dual fiber to single fiber

Time:2022-11-26 Views:1186
HyOptic Optical Path Converter is desinged based on our optical circulator technology. This OPC can convert the optical signals of dual fiber to single fiber transmission and can use the same wavelength for bidirectional transmission on single fiber. The OPC series also feature no wavelength or data rate limitation (operating wavelength range from 1270nm to 1610nm). Without changing any existing network deployment, it is easy for service providers to increase transmission efficiency and deploy new networks in buildings.

Solution 1: Common CWDM SFP Dual Fiber Variable Single Fiber (OPC supports a single CWDM wavelength)

Solution 2: 40G QSFP+ or 100G QSFP28 LC Dual Fiber Variable Single Fiber (OPC to support 1270-1340 range)

Solution 3: Multiple OPCs are paired with WDM to achieve single-fiber transmission of up to 16 service volumes

Solution 4: OPC should support several of the CWDM wavelength ranges

For example, 5G base stations, OPC should support the 1270-1370 wavelength range.

We can provide OPC maximum support range 1270-1610 range

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