Welcome to HyOptic
With leading edge hybrid optical solutions and unique micro-optics technology, HyOptic Technology Limited has been committed to being the leading passive optical components manufacturer in China. Since 2006 HyOptic provides OEM/ODM of fiber optic devices for global customers.
HyOptic is founded by a technical team members with decades of experience in optical communication industry and ensure the highest quality standards, flexible custom design options, quick delivery, and continuous, reliable support. That help our customers win future market and help customers save csot more than 20% by continuous improving technology and productivity instead of lower quality.
HyOptic has 4000 square meters of production facilities enabling a production capacity of 10K monthly passive optical components and modules through our ISO9001and ISO14001 certified facility in Shenzen, China. We supply the critical optical components and fiber connectivity products, CWDM DWDM Mux/DeMux modules, Optical Splitters, Fiber Connectivity devices and hybird optical components, which are very widely used in FTTx, 4G/5G Networks, Telecom, Data Center, CATV, Medical devices, etc.

HyOptic technical team have independently developed many leading optical coupling equipment and placement equipment, which can manufacture the most advanced fiber optical products.