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The main features and application scenarios of optical fiber ringer

Time:2022-08-04 Views:3266
The main feature of fiber ringer is that it can realize bidirectional optical signal transmission on a single optical fiber. The signal transmission direction of the circulator is irreversible, and the optical signal can only be directed from one port to another in one direction at a time, and the optical signal, although redirectable, must pass through the port sequentially in one direction. For example, the three-port circulator optical signal must travel from port 1 to port 2 and then to port 3. 
Fiber optic rings can be classified by the number of ports, and can also be classified by polarization correlation or not. According to the port, it can be divided into 3 ports, 4 ports and 6 ports. Of these, 3-port and 4-port are common types. According to polarization, it is divided into polarization-preserving ringer (PM) and polarization-independent ringer (PI). Polarization-protected fiber rings are generally used in polarization-preserving applications such as 40Gbps high-speed systems or Raman pump applications, two-way amplifiers, and dispersion compensators (DCMs). Polarization-independent fiber optic circulators, along with fiber gratings and other reflective devices, are widely used in coarse wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) systems, high-speed systems, and bidirectional communication systems. 
Fiber optic rings are commonly used in passive optical networks, (wavelength division multiplexing) WDM networks, polarization mode dispersion, dispersion compensation, optical insertion modules (OADM), optical amplifiers, optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs) and fiber optic sensing applications. 
In the wireless access network, the circulator is mainly used for the isolation of the output signal and the input signal of the base station antenna. Circulators and isolators are a core device in 5G base stations, and with the large increase of 5G Massive MIMO, the application demand for fiber optic circulators will also increase significantly. The optical ringer is an important device in the advanced optical network DWDM, the production technology is mature and with the substantial increase of base stations, the ring will usher in a huge market space. The ringer is an important device in the advanced optical network DWDM, and with the substantial increase in base stations, the ringer will also have a huge market space. Hyoptic has been focusing on and engaging in the development, production and sales of optical fiber communication products for many years, our production of circulators has been specialized, technical, product quality and price can be guaranteed to a certain extent. It is speculated that in the 5G construction cycle (2019-2025), the number of 5G macro base stations will be 1.3-1.5 times that of the 4G period, and will reach 5 million stations in 2025, and the domestic 5G base station ringer market space is expected to reach 11.5 billion yuan, and the peak market size will reach 3 billion yuan.