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Next-generation DWDM optical modules based on PAM4 modulation

Time:2022-08-05 Views:1643
DWDM dense wavelength division technology has experienced increasingly high modulation rates, including 1.25G NRZ, 2.5G NRZ, 10G NRZ and 25G NRZ, and 50G PAM4 and 100G PAM4 using high-order modulation PAM4; As well as the current very competitive DWDM coherent modulation technology, mainly for 200G and 400G, as well as future 800G high-bandwidth services. 
The PAM4 DWDM optical module can be plugged into the embedded DWDM and plugged directly into the appropriate data center router or switch, eliminating the need for a separate DWDM converter platform, significantly reducing costs and simplifying deployment and maintenance. In addition, with the appropriate dispersion compensation module (DCM) and EDFA amplification system, the PAM4 module can be added to the existing DWDM network for hybrid transmission. 
The next generation of product forms based on PAM4 high-order modulation are: 50G (1X50G PAM4), 100G (2X50G PAM4) and 100G (1x100G PAM4). 
Hyoptic PAM4 DWDM optical transceivers are commonly used in 100G and 400G construction with their advantages, such as point-to-point data center interconnection (DCI), DWDM-based 100G Ethernet metro access, campus and enterprise links, 5G mobile access architecture, etc. For data center DCI application distance of 80km to 120km, based on high-order PAM4 modulation 50G/100G DWDM technology, it can compete with coherent 200G/100G DWDM technology for market share with low cost advantages.