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Huawei released the industry‘s first Super C120+L120 ultra-wide spectrum OTN solution

Time:2022-07-27 Views:2005
Recently, Huawei released the industry‘s first Super C120+L120 ultra-wide spectrum OTN solution, which has achieved a historic breakthrough in the field of single-fiber ultra-large capacity optical transmission.  
As the industry‘s first Super C120+L120 ultra-wide spectrum end-to-end solution, including optical amplifier, WSS and optical transmission unit. The solution uses a new type of erbium-doped fiber and a special process of ultra-wide gain spectrum L120 EDFA, high-resolution LCOS and innovative spectral shaping algorithm of high-performance L120 WSS, and L120 ultra-narrow linewidth optical transmission unit, to achieve a breakthrough doubling of the available spectrum of fiber optics and maximizing fiber value.  
 At the same time, in-depth implementation of the national "East Number West Computing" project deployment, and comprehensive promotion of the development of computing power networks, Huawei is conducting Super C120+L120 joint innovation research and experimental research with China Mobile Research Institute, laying a solid technical foundation for China Mobile to build a next-generation large-capacity, long-distance 400G optical base for computing power. Huawei has cooperated with China Mobile Research Institute for a long time to carry out optical communication technology research, and in recent years, it has further explored the basic research of high-speed optical transmission applications, and the release of the Super C120+L120 solution will help promote the intergenerational evolution of the backbone network from 100G╳80-wave system to 400G╳80-wave system. 
Zhou Jun, President of Huawei‘s optical transmission field, said that "Huawei continues to maintain innovative investment in the field of optical transmission to achieve new breakthroughs, and believes that the Super C120+L120 ultra-wide spectrum solution will help customers significantly increase the optical fiber transmission capacity, thereby reducing single-bit cost and power consumption, and achieving green energy-saving and sustainable development." 
Zhang Dechao, deputy director of the Institute of Basic Network Technology of China Mobile Research Institute, said: "400G is approaching the commercial time window, and 800G has also become a hot spot in the industry, which puts forward urgent needs for the unified planning of C6T+L6T infrastructure facilities. China Mobile, Huawei and other partners continue to carry out technical research on the super 400G system, and the breakthrough of this technology marks a key part of the development of the technology of the super 400G system, laying a solid foundation for the intergenerational evolution and upgrading of the infrastructure and commercial deployment in the future."