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How do we choose a fiber optic patch panel?

Time:2022-08-08 Views:1681
How do we choose a fiber optic patch panel?
1. Is the fiber optic patch panel mounted on the wall or on the 19‘‘ rack? Fiber optic patch panels are typically mounted inside 19‘‘ racks and may also be mounted directly on the wall for small installations. 
2.Is there room for the remaining amount of optical cables? A certain amount of optical cable should be retained to prevent the fiber from being pulled inside the patch panel, withstanding excessive stress, and preventing the fiber from being pulled out of the patch panel. 
3.Is there a protective device? There should be an optical fiber protection device inside the optical fiber patch panel. 
4. Versatility Different couplers should reflect the versatility as much as possible on the patch panel. For example, the LC type optical fiber patch panel can be suitable for duplex LC/ simplex SC / MTRJ type fiber adapter; St type fiber optic patch panel can be suitable for ST and FC fiber optic adapters. Greatly improved the usability of the product. 
5.Is the structure flexible? This feature continues to increase the usability of the product. 
Optical fiber patch panel can be divided into 3 types according to the structure, namely wall-mounted, cabinet-mounted and rack-mounted. 
Wall-mounted patch panel is generally a box structure, suitable for offices where the number of optical cables and fiber cores are small. 
Cabinet type patch panel is a closed structure, the core capacity is relatively fixed, and the appearance is more beautiful. 

Hyoptic rackmount patch panel is generally modular design, users can choose the corresponding module according to the number and specifications of optical cables, flexibly assembled on the rack, it is a future-oriented structure, can provide convenient conditions for the future development of optical fiber patch panel to multi-functional development. Of course, the optical fiber patch panel should try to use the aluminum profile frame, which has a strong structure and a beautiful appearance. The overall dimensions of the rack should be similar to the current standard rack for transmission equipment to facilitate the arrangement of the machine room. The surface treatment process and color should also be similar to other equipment in the machine room to maintain the overall aesthetics in the machine room.