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Embracing 5G revolution, 5.5G is the inevitable way for 5G network evolution

Time:2023-07-29 Views:1925
The era of "things superhuman" means that the mobile network has developed from "serving people" to "serving things" in the past, and continues to improve along the line of "serving production", which means that "Internet of Everything" has become a reality.
5.5G is the inevitable path for 5G network evolution. The network characteristics of 5.5G network with 10 Gigabit downlink, Gigabit uplink, 100 billion connections, and endogenous intelligence have been clarified. From 5G to 5.5G, it will better match the scenarios of the Internet of People, the Internet of Things, perception, and high-end manufacturing, and incubate more Many new business opportunities.

A key use case of 5.5G is connecting industries, which will connect people, things, vehicles and entire industries in an unprecedented way. Thanks to 10 GB of bandwidth, mere milliseconds of latency, massively scalable capacity, and native intelligence, 5G-Advanced promises to create business value by enabling entirely new use cases.

In the industrial environment, 5.5G is enabling smart manufacturing. Vehicle connectivity is another major use case for 5.5G. Today, more and more manufacturers offer driver assistance features. The 5.5G network can provide more sensor data for vehicles, making assisted driving more efficient and creating a better driving experience.

5.5G will bring many innovative solutions to various industries. Support industry applications that require ultra-low latency and ultra-high reliability. 5.5G is the feat of bringing extremely high-speed, extremely low-latency mobile networks to market, thereby delivering a superior user experience and preparing customers for a future of limitless possibilities.