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High Density CS Fiber Connector

Time:2023-03-09 Views:1131
High Density CS Fiber Connector that supports data rates up to 400Gb/s
As the demand for network bandwidth increases, data centers widely adopt 100Gb backbone networks, and upgrade to higher-speed 200Gb and 400Gb backbone networks for ultra-large-scale data centers. To meet this demand, the SENKO-led standards organization has developed a new CS connector specification that increases the number of duplex fiber optic links and provides high-density CS connectors that support data rates up to 400Gb/s.

1.CS connectors are a new generation of high-density, very small outline (VSFF) connectors that save about 40% space compared to LC and other optical connectors. They allow twice the density of patch panels and provide better cable management space and performance compared to LC connectors. CS connectors are available in singlemode (SM) and multimode (MM) versions and feature a push/pull header for increased usability in high density applications.
CS connector

2.CS connector optical transceivers provide the same functionality as traditional optical modules, but with higher density and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Some high-speed optical transceivers using CS connectors include 200G QSFP-DD transceivers, 400G OSFP transceivers, and 800G QSFP-DD transceivers.
cs fiber connector

3.Advantages of CS connectors include higher density and durability than LC and SC connectors, making them ideal for rugged, space-saving fiber optic connections. The SN connector is an improved version of the CS connector, offering double density and a more compact design.

In summary, CS connectors are next-generation high-density connectors supporting data rates up to 400Gb/s and 800Gb/s, offering significant space savings and improved performance compared to traditional optical connectors.If you have product requirements, please contact us.

Information source: http://csconnector.net/