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HyOptic launched optical circulator for 5G fronthaul

Time:2022-03-24 Views:1923
HyOptic circulator realizes 12-channel bidirectional transmission based on CWDM 1271nm to 1371nm 6 wavelengths for 5G fronthaul bearer solution based on CWDM and circulator technology.
In areas with relatively large population density, 6 base stations need to be deployed. The conventional 5G fronthaul system uses passive wavelength division of 1271-1371nm 6 wavelengths plus 1471-1571nm 6 wavelengths, a total of 12 waves of CWDM 25G SFP28 modules, but the cost of 1471-1571nm optical modules using EML lasers is high. In order to solve this problem, HyOptic has launched a circulator for 5G fronthaul applications, which realizes 12-channel bidirectional communication based on 1271-1371nm 6-wavelength, thus avoiding the use of relatively high-cost 1471-1571nm SFP modules.
circulator for 5G