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Time:2022-03-19 Views:1855
XGS-PON provides 10G capability, and NG-PON2 provides 4-channel 10G wavelengths, which can be used alone or in combination. Most operators choose to upgrade from GPON to XGS-PON, but Verizon adopts the NG-PON2 scheme.
Verizon chose NG-PON2 for several reasons. First, because it offers the ability to four different wavelengths, it offers a "truly elegant way to combine commercial and residential services on one platform" and manage a range of different demand points. For example, the same NG-PON2 system can be used to provide 2Gbps fiber service to residential users, 10Gbps fiber service to commercial users, and even 10G fronthaul service to cellular sites.
While NG-PON2 currently allows the utilization of four 10G channels, there are actually eight channels in total, which will eventually be made available to operators over time. While standards for these additional channels are still being worked out, it is possible to include options such as four 25G channels or four 50G channels, and the NG-PON2 system will eventually be scalable to at least 100G. If the wavelength the user is using fails, it can be automatically switched to another wavelength. It also supports dynamic management of users, isolating high-bandwidth users on their own wavelengths to avoid congestion.