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the global demand for optical transmission equipment will reach 83 billion US dollars in the next five years

Time:2023-08-18 Views:1619
According to the latest report from market research firm Dell‘Oro Group, the demand for optical transmission equipment is expected to reach $83 billion in the next five years. This cumulative revenue will increase by 10% compared to the previous five years and will primarily come from the sale of coherent DWDM systems.
Jimmy Yu, vice president of Dell‘Oro Group, said: "We have slightly increased our forecast outlook for optical transmission equipment. We believe that the demand for long-distance equipment is stronger than we originally expected. In the process of preparing the report, we found that There are more projects that can further increase future market revenues rather than low revenues. In the final analysis, although optical equipment spending fluctuates from year to year, the direction of bandwidth consumption remains stable-up and to the right.”

Other highlights from the July 2023 five-year report on optical transport include:

The optical transport market is expected to approach USD 18 billion by 2027;
DWDM long-haul system equipment forecasts improve due to growing demand for network capacity and increased use of C+L-band fiber optic line systems;
Demand for WDM equipment for metro and long-haul data center interconnect (DCI) is expected to grow over the forecast period, with most of the growth coming from long-haul systems;
A new generation of coherent DSPs will begin shipping in late 2023. By 2027, nearly one-third of shipments will consist of DSPs capable of transmitting 1.2Tbps and 1.6Tbps signals on a single wavelength.