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The collaborative paper between China Mobile and ZTE was included in ECOC‘s world‘s largest optical communication conference

Time:2022-07-23 Views:1676
Recently, two papers co-authored by China Mobile and ZTE were also included in the ecoc (European Conference on Optical Communications), the world‘s top academic conference in the field of optical communications, and the content was set a world record for 800G 2000km long-distance transmission based on G.654.E optical fiber; And 1G small particle size photoelectric rate joint adjustment mechanism of this original technology system. ECOC is the largest optical communication conference in Europe and has absolute influence in the field of optical communication in the European region. The research results of these two papers included in the conference will provide important theoretical guidance and basis for the development of long-distance transmission, improve the bandwidth utilization rate of optical communication systems, and improve the transmission capacity of optical networks in the field of optical communications.

 In recent years, ZTE and China Mobile and other operators have carried out a lot of exploration and pre-commercial verification of cutting-edge technologies in the field of single-wave 400G and 800G ultra-high-speed transmission, and achieved a series of research results.