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India‘s optical communication market will usher in an explosion

Time:2022-07-19 Views:1827
In the context of the global economic downturn, who will be the new focus in the field of optical communications? Recently, foreign media have focused on India, and have noted the rise of 5G, high-growth data centers and emerging submarine cable markets, which will promote the take-off of India‘s optical fiber transmission market. In the past few years, India has become the world‘s largest optical communications market due to the use of data. An Ericsson study showed that in 2019, Indians will use 12 GB of data per month, and by 2025, the amount of data per Indian will increase to 25 GB. There are still many people in India who do not have the Internet, at least half of the 1.3 billion people who do not have the Internet. 
The increasing data service provides support for the optical fiber transmission market. India‘s data center ecosystem is constantly expanding, and more and more companies are using cloud computing to support their own digital transformation. In addition, the Indian government has adopted a policy of keeping data in its own country so that it can promote local data centers. According to Arizton Consulting & Information Survey, India‘s data center market will reach $4.35 billion in 2021 and $10.09 billion by 2027. Another market research firm, JLL, said the total number of data centers in India will reach 1,009 megawatts in 2023, compared to 499 megawatts in the first half of 2021. India, similar to China, has also added data center construction to infrastructure projects, which will inevitably promote the development of cities and long-distance DCI.