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Getting Started with WDM: Why the Future of WDM Technology Is So Bright

Time:2022-07-06 Views:2075
As light continues to be broken down into more and more wavelengths, the potential capacity of a single fiber will increase dramatically. 
We must know that wavelength division multiplexing technology is developing so fast that we have not yet reached the limits of transmitting signals of different wavelengths through a single fiber. Coarse WDM is a new WDM technology that can provide 18 different channels. Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) is a new iterative technology capable of supporting 160 channels. Today, the biggest problem in this interconnected world is that the use of fiber optics has far exceeded existing fiber capacity. With the continuous reduction of optical fiber, the core value of WDM technology is that it can enable operators to improve transmission capacity without installing more cables, and the development of WDM technology can effectively solve the problem of fiber resource depletion.